Thursday, March 22, 2012

Basic Hair Bow Tutorial

How to Make a Basic Hair Bow

I have never attempted to really do a tutorial, but I have had a few people come up and ask me how to do it. So here is my attempt. Maybe if it works for some of you I will attempt another one later :)

Supplies you will need.  Scissors, a lighter, needle/thread, hot glue gun, double prong clip/alligator clip, 2 strands of 3/8 in ribbon, ( I dont measure them, I use my scrap ribbons)  and 1 1/2 inch ribbon ( you can use smaller or larger if wanted, but your measurements will then vary)

Measure your 1 1/2 inch ribbon to 20 inches. Cut and heat sealed the ends with the lighter ( at the end of the link is a YouTube video of heat sealing ends)

Fold the ribbon in half and make a little crease

Then take one of the end and place it on the crease you just made

Then do the same to the other end, bring it to the center crease so you appear to have made a figure 8.

Then bring both center for the figure 8 to the middle and overlap just a bit (if you need to you can clamp it together with the clip to hold it in place)

Take your needle and thread and poke it through the center of the ribbon

Then wrap the thread around the center of the ribbon twice, pull tight ( as shown above) poke the need through the bow again to secure, fasten off

Put a little dab of hot glue in the center, take the smaller scrap of 3/8 inch ribbon and place on top of the hot glue.

turn over the bow, and hot glue the lined alligator clip to the back of the bow ( there is a short tutorial on lining a clip at the end of this tutorial)

Heat sealed the ends of the center ribbon, and place hot glue on both ends of  the 3/8 inch ribbon and pull both ends tight to the center of the hair clip to make sure it is secure

This is what your finished basic hair bow should look like :)

Have fun!







 How to line a hair clip

You will need a hair clip, ( double prong or alligator clip) 3/8 inch ribbon, hot glue, scissors and a lighter.


Make sure you heat seal your ends, turn the hair clip over, and put a dab of hot glue on the end, and then place the 3/8 inch ribbon on top ( I use scrap ribbon so I am not exactly sure how long this piece is :-) )

Simply place hot glue on the ribbon, and wrap around the clip until it is partially lined and there is your lined clip you can use for any hair bow or clip :)

 Here is the link I found on YouTube for Heat sealing your ends with a lighter from when I first started making hair bows :)

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